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Experience Report Summer University – “Have you met Spain?” in Santander, Spain

The Summer University (SU) in Santander was an unbelievably exciting experience. You got to know so many interesting people in such a short time and experienced so many great things as well, that it is hard to find words to describe it.

Even if everybody was arriving on their own in the beginning, it didn’t take much time to find somebody to talk to. And after the first round of ice breaking games and a bit of Sangría in the evening everybody started to talk everybody was curious about the other participants.
The SU only lasted only 10 days, but the program that we had in this time could have easily filled 30 days. Every day in the morning we had a schedule to fulfill. From a city tour through the neighbor city of Santander Gijón, to the visit of Europe’s largest open air zoo, including a sea lion and a bird show, to the hiking across the “Picos de Europa” (“Peaks of Europe”) everything could be found in the program. After the morning we normally had a little Siesta – everybody caught as much sleep as he could. Then we had a workshop every day that covered topics like Spanish culture, history and languages or just magic (tricks).
At the end of almost every day, we had a party. Either in the city of Santander that was overflowing by celebrating people, because there was the “Semana Grande” at this time, or we had for example the European Night, where every participant brought foods and especially drinks from his home country that was then consumed together.
I can only advise everybody who has the possibility to attend a Sumer University. You get to know so many interesting people so good how it is normally only possible after several months while you have soooo much fun!


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