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Summer Universities

What is a SU?

The Summer University is a one to two weeks long event that takes place in summer in cities where AEGEE is present. Understanding and exploring the multicultural dimension of the European continent, removing national borders, engaging for tolerance and creating open-minded citizens are only some of the reasons why every year around 2000 European students come together in groups of 20 to 50 persons to travel and explore a part of Europe they didn’t know yet.

The Summer University Project was born in 1988 with the intention to promote the idea of a unified Europe. This project is the main tool of AEGEE to attain this difficult but fascinating goal. Since then, it is continuing every year with the participation of more than 120 antennae.

The activities carried out during a Summer University range from academic, such as classes to learn a foreign language, different courses on technical themes to multicultural activities like getting familiar with Finnish culture, Spanish history or Greek mythology; learning how to sail, attending a photography course in Turkey or hiking in Polish woods. Moreover, most of the Summer Universities follow a concrete theme throughout its duration that can be related to European Integration, International Politics, Active Citizenship, Education, Peace, Personal Development and many more.

In a Summer University you will be given the chance to taste different food, to listen and dance to different music and start to love it; to be good friends with people from different countries and travel with them. You will learn to say "hi" in another 20 languages, you will feel free, you will love, you will experience, you will learn new things, you will do things you hadn't imagined…

You will feel the AEGEE spirit, you will feel what is a SU!


AEGEE ... What the..?

You want to know more about AEGEE? How can you pronounce this strange sequence of characters? Read more here (Only available in German at the moment).



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